Quality of life

An established community

The quality of life on offer to your business and employees in Clyde Gateway are numerous.

Because there are a variety of established communities and a range of existing quality businesses already in the area, a range of amenities are available for your staff including shops and leisure facilities.

The communities welcome the regeneration of Clyde Gateway and the new businesses and people that this brings with it.

New housing

There is a range of housing available, from starter flats to family homes for any employees relocating. The ongoing programme of new residential development ensures the area provides the most modern and high quality housing stock in the City.

Benefits of a regeneration area

Investing in a regeneration area brings a number of benefits to your business, and its employees.

Property values, both commercial and residential, will continue to rise as Clyde Gateway continues to grow. Continued investment and development is guaranteed until 2028 and is likely to go far beyond that as the area becomes a hub of business activity, growing business opportunity at all levels.

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Rick de Blaby

Chief Executive, MEPC

“The infrastructure that Clyde Gateway has committed to this particular area is enormous and we have been happy to invest alongside that. Indeed we would like to be in a position to extend that investment.”